Within the next few years, Genesee County will suffer the loss of over one hundred years of Circuit Court judicial experience as judges face mandatory retirement.

I have practiced in Circuit Court for as long as any judge has been on the Circuit Court bench. I bring the experience that Genesee County needs. I have represented my family's Chevrolet-Buick dealership, and operate not only my own law practice, but also a surety bond agency. To me, the greatest contributions I can offer the community as I reach the final phase of my career are my experience and service as a judge for the citizens of Genesee County.

  • 39 years experience in Circuit Court
  • Past service as Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
  • Past service as Judicial Advisory Assistant/Deputy Sheriff
  • Small business owner

I've been a pilot since 1982. A pilot is constantly facing situations that require quick decisions with life and death consequences. Although a judge has more time for deliberation, the stakes on the bench are still high. These decision-making skills are second nature to me.