The Water Crisis

A generation of Flint children has been poisoned by lead in the city’s drinking water. For years to come, our county will be dealing with the effects of the neurological damage they have suffered. Having an adult son with Autism has taught me first hand the patience and compassion these challenges pose, and the importance of fighting for those without a voice of their own.


When I was growing up in the 1960’s, there were tens of thousands of good-paying industrial jobs in Genesee County. There are now a tenth as many. This has had a devastating impact not only on employment and our local economy, but also on families, the crime rate, and the available opportunities for our children. A Circuit Court Judge must be sensitive to and considerate of those consequences.


As a former Assistant Prosecutor, I have represented the People of the State of Michigan in felony cases against murderers, arsonists, burglars, and perjurers. My experience in criminal law has prepared me for the demands of the Circuit Court bench.